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9 Comments to Turyatita

  1. Felmaran says:
    Turya (the fourth state) and turyatita are identical in content. We refer to turya when we speak about a transitory condition that appears in some special moments and then goes away, while turyatita is .
  2. Tukasa says:
    Jul 10,  · The traditional view is that turIya is the non-dual, unconditioned consciousness (e.g. see Guadapada's Mandukya Karika). Sri Ramana refers to it as Pure Consciousness. It is the Atman. As it is "unconditioned consciousness", it is nirguNa brahman, which is also referred to as the parabrahman.
  3. Zololkis says:
    Description: According to yogic tradition, this is the highest state that can be achieved, beyond the state of [turiya] (the superconscious or extraordinary meditation state in which the true self may be discovered), when the body is transcended and the Atman and Paramatman are totally united or equal.
  4. Neshakar says:
    TURIYATITA: Chidakasa in Cosmic Consciousness Under the Natural Law there are three qualities inherent in every human being. These three qualities are Purity, Activity and Inertia (Sattva, Rajasand Tamas). Every individual is prompted to act when he is under the influence of one of these qualities predominant in him.
  5. Meztilkis says:
    Turiya means that which is the fourth. The experiencers (jivas) of the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep, known as visva, taijasa and prajna, who wander successively in .
  6. Kajikasa says:
    The Four States of Consciousness—Beyond the Waking State Mandukya Upanishad is the source of the Hindu revelations about the Four States of Consciousness and defines these states as waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and turya (the fourth state, which is the state of enlightenment).
  7. Gardajora says:
    Turya, which follows the first three states can be discovered through Nidrâ Yoga. It is a state in which the true nature of the subject, its identity without objects, is perceived, generally in an lightning and unforseeable way. It is also what Yoga tradition names Samadhi, or the natural state of universal consciousness.
  8. Nimuro says:
    For the river in Ukraine, see Turiya (river). In Hindu philosophy, turiya (Sanskrit: तुरीय, meaning "the fourth") or chaturiya, chaturtha, is pure consciousness. Turiya is the background that underlies and pervades the three common states of consciousness.
  9. Guzragore says:
    Jan 19,  · Tirumular’s Tirumandiram is the earliest known Tamil treatise on yoga. This text is considered to be both, a devotional work as well as a tantric text. Unlike other major Siddha compositions, Tirumandiram does not contain any section on medicinal preparations or alchemy. It is the only Tamil text where the sections are named tanṭiram.

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