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9 Comments to Sri Ram Chant

  1. Faeshicage says:
    “Sri Rama” (Sri-yin, Rama-yang) balances the ida-pingala nadis in the body ensuring proper blood circulation and general good health. Even the sound of the word ‘RAM’ itself is too powerful which is composed of ‘RAAA’ and ‘OMMMM’ representing 2 chakra among 7 chakras of Human body. (Also Read – Names of Lord Rama).
  2. Akibei says:
    The Ram mantra often contains two words; Sri and Ram. Sri is ying and Ram is yang – the male and female energies of the universe. Their combination employed with any mantra make its effects more profound. Overcome fear and doubt.
  3. Nikodal says:
    What is The Meaning of Sita Ram Mantra Sri Ram Jai Ram?
  4. Mauzahn says:
    A cab driver from Delhi was murdered in his taxi on a Greater Noida highway on Sunday night, his family alleging his passengers had asked him to chant “Jai Shri Ram” .
  5. Aralabar says:
    Sep 02,  · Name of Ram is the base of the Asian subcontinent. For Indians, the name of Ram is synonyms for peace and strength. Ram Rajya is believed to be the most peaceful state. If Chanter continuously chants the Ram name; he will surely get the benefits of chanting Rama mantra.
  6. Jujin says:
    May 28,  · Chant rhythmically and with clear pronunciation and intensity of feeling the mantra Sita Ram-Sita Ram- Sita Ram- Sita Ram- Gradually try to shift the chant from audible chanting to .
  7. Tule says:
    Rama's name is often chanted or sung within the many traditions of Hinduism. A popular mantra is Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram (often prefixed with "Om"), which was popularized in western India by Samarth Ramdas. In Mahabharata, Shiva states that uttering "Rama" three times is equal to pronouncing the thousand other names of God.
  8. Mooguzshura says:
    Mar 25,  · Some popular chants of Rama that can be repeated a few times (generally 3, 5, 7, 21) or over and over (japa with repetition of times generally): Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Om.
  9. Meziramar says:
    Ram Naam is one of the most powerful and positive vibes in this cosmos. Chanting Ram Naam gives you peace of mind and helps you to overcome the disorders like anxiety and Depression. One of the major benefits of Ram Naam Jaap is; it will set you towards right direction on the life path. These are just a few benefits of chanting name of Lord Ram.

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